Sonya Lacroix

Owner, Tattoo Artist, Illustrator

Art and creativity have always been a huge part of my life – Before becoming a tattoo artist, I had my first career as a graphic designer for over ten years.

I am the co-owner of High Tide Tattoo Parlour in Thunder Bay, ON, and spend my days making art on paper, screens and skin.

I am strongly influenced by American traditional style tattoos, nature and design. My favourite subjects are animals, ladies, spooky stuff or anything that I think is just plain awesome!

I created this shop to share some of my works with you all –
My style focuses on a bridge between bold, black and white illustration and traditional tattoo artwork. I love the contrast of simple clean design with a bit of a dark twist.

I truly hope you enjoy them, and thanks for checking out the shop!


Email me at:


High Tide Tattoo Parlour
215 Red River Road, Unit 105, Thunder Bay, ON